Basics Of Environment And Ecology (as Per New Syllabus, B. by Anubha Kaushik; C.P. Kaushik

By Anubha Kaushik; C.P. Kaushik

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Best ecology books

Post-Scarcity Anarchism

During this sequence of essays, Murray Bookchin balances his ecological and anarchist imaginative and prescient with the promising possibilities of a “post-scarcity” period. Technological advances throughout the twentieth century have extended construction within the pursuit of company revenue on the rate of human desire and ecological sustainability.

Traveling the 38th Parallel: A Water Line around the World

Among extremes of weather farther north and south, the thirty eighth North parallel line marks a temperate, heart range the place human societies have thrived because the starting of civilization. It divides North and South Korea, passes via Athens and San Francisco, and bisects Mono Lake within the japanese Sierra Nevada, the place authors David and Janet Carle make their domestic.

The Ecology of Mangrove and Related Ecosystems: Proceedings of the International Symposium held at Mombasa, Kenya, 24–30 September 1990

The mangrove, seagrass and coral reef ecosystems are of paramount ecological value yet have already passed through nice degradation, that is advancing at an alarming expense. If current tendencies proceed, the typical source foundation of the financial system and ecology of tropical coastal areas will quickly be ruined.

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Ii) Reduce, Reuse, Recycle approach: The 3-R approach advocating minimization of resource use, using them again and again instead of passing it on to the waste stream and recycling the materials goes a long way in achieving the goals of sustainability. It reduces pressure on our resources as well as reduces waste generation and pollution. (iii) Promoting environmental education and awareness: Making environmental education the centre of all learning process will greatly help in changing the thinking pattern and attitude of people towards our earth and the environment.

Agenda-21 was proposed during the Earth Summit held at Rio de Janeiro. 1 WATER RESOURCES Water is an indispensable natural resource. Life on the earth could originate because of the presence of water. About 97% of earth’s surface is covered by water. Water is essential for maintenance of life. Most of the animals and plants have 60–65% water in their bodies. Due to its unique properties water is of multiple uses for all living organisms. Water is absolutely essential for life. Most of the life processes take place in water contained in the body.

3. Sustainable development ensuring equitable share of resources for economic growth of both the poor and the rich is expressed as ......... equity. 4. Nitrate concentrations exceeding 25 mg/L in water cause the health hazard ......... 5. Pests which become immune to all types of pesticides are called. . 6. Over nourishment of lakes due to addition of excessive nitrogen and phosphorus is knwon as ......... 7. Accumulation of non-biodegradable substances along with food chain is called .........

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