Bizarre Sinema, Wildest, Sexiest, Weirdest, Sleaziest Films: by Carlos Aguilar, Daniel Aguilar

By Carlos Aguilar, Daniel Aguilar

Eroticism in jap style cinema of the Golden Age, from “Ero Gro” to “Pinku Eiga”, to the “Roman Porno”. The ugly, the surreal, the macabre, the sadism, the masochism, the lesbianism within the video clips produced by means of the likes of Shintoho, Daiei, Nikkatsu, Toei and Okura, within the movies via Koji Wakamatsu (Violated Angels, The Embryo), Teruo Ishii (Joys of Torture), Yusuke Watanabe (Female, evening Ladies), Yasuzo Masumura (Cross of ardour, A Fool’s Love), Seijun Suzuki (Gate of Flesh, Branded to Kill), Ko Nakahira (Hunter’s Diary), Toshiaki Kunihara (Secret publication of a girls Prison), Nobuo Nakagawa (Vampire Woman), Keigo Kimura (Diary of a silly outdated Man)...
The heroines of those movies are play-ed via such intercourse symbols as Mako Midori, Naomi Tani, Ikuko Moori and Ayako Wakao, which are continuously tied up and tortured.
This quantity encompasses a wealthy iconographic show of infrequent photographs and unique posters, unpublished writings through the everlasting Queen of S&M Naomi Tani, and cult administrators like Teruo Ishii and Seijun Suzuki, finishing up with a specific bibliography and filmography.

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37 In the core of his Japaneseness Sado desperately needed Lucas to understand implicitly. Plomer interestingly seems to identify vivacity with the male and the West whereas he compares the simple and commonplace to the female and the East. He associates the diversity, richness, depth, power, originality and exuberance of Western art with masculine dynamism, and subsequently the stylised conventionalised elegance and quickness of Eastern art with the feminine lightness. In his mind the West and the male represent a superior power of decisiveness and freedom while the feminine East symbolises the dominated and transitory.

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