Everyday Business Writing by Ian Badger, Sue Pedley

By Ian Badger, Sue Pedley

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Otherpossiblereasonswhy the problem happened: Thecomputersystemwas down. Therewas a fire in the building. Wehavehad a staffshoftage. A lot of staffhavebeenoff sick. our seruice was helow our usual standard. Belowour usualstandardmeansnot as good as usual/notup to our usualstandard. Briti#Amr*m Br*tirh theagreedschedule anholiday apologise ffolw Arrprican theschedulawe agreedon on vacation ryologize Dealinwith Unacceptable service Dear Mr Dennis you havegiven us this year. rd$r:lk;ktnf:*i*f$ffi neverarrive within the promised24 hours and {Eiffit@:trffifi1*ffi,9i* iAs a resultfrelffirilS,,b;;ffi:iffiin#lt*A**oa you like to meet to discuss o@*,Id how things can improvein the future.

IncreasedfromI per centto l0 per Spending year. there was a sharpriseof 40per cent... Otheradjectives to describea change: Therehasbeena s@ny declinein enquiries. Therewas a S[gbtdropin saleslastmonth. Therewas a significantimprovement in orders. Therewas a dramaticrisein profits. sales droppedslightly ... Otherverbsto describea downwardchange: Profitswent down lastyear. Salesfiellin January. 0rdersdeclinedlastmonth. Numbersdeueasedin July. Slightlyindicates a smallchange. Otheradverbsto describethe degreeof change: Salesfell significantlylastmonth.

If youwanttom ake anychanges. r... tovisityounextweek. . meeting forlunchtomorrow? Mateh the words with the correct definition. I to brief1 i Tosendinformation to a number of people. \ place. 2 item ii Theplace whereaneventtakes \ \iii 3 minutes Togivesomeone theinformation theyneedto dotheirwork. 4 agenda iv A specified timeduring themeeting whena specific subject canbediscussed. 5 participant v Oneofthesubjects to bediscussed at a meeting. 6 venue vi Anofficial writtenrecordofwhatis saidat a meeting.

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