Forerunners to Udug-Hul: Sumerian exorcistic incantations by Markham J Geller

By Markham J Geller

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747 748 749 750 751 752 753 754 [Enuru incantation]. incantation]. The . ]] evil . ]] evil evil... [... [.... [.... . [. 1. [. ].. going from the the house, house, [[.. I]...... .... He grasped grasped the . . while departing from the palace. ) and the red dog, the 'lion', 'lion',, also [gnawed] 'lion' [gnawed] the flesh. fiesh. 761 762 763 764 765 766 No one laid a hand on the victim. . dNanna .. [. Nindagalzu, .. gods, introduces the patient. [. 1. dNinisinna, the wise one of the gods, of Eridu, [will [will see see fit fit to] to] free free hirn Asalluhi, son ofEridu, him with the incantation [Eridu].

718 Enki answers answers his son Asalluhi: Asalluhi: 719 it? [son], what do you not know, know, and what could II add to it? " 721 Asalluhi Asalluhi took note. 722 "Whatever I know, you also know. know. 723 Go, my son, Asalluhi, Asalluhi, fill/take fillltake a (husj-sahar (hu3-sahar vessel, vessel, 724 bring the holy water(-basin) water(-basin) of Enki, 725 and recite the Eridu incantation. incantation. 726 As for the man, son of his god, sprinkle water on his (var. (var. their) bed.

In/q-'nu-sa-hul in/l}r na-sa-hu1 injl}r Gap of of approximately approximately 10 10 lines lines Gap 780 780 781 781 782 782 B (iv (iv 1) 1) B B B a-n[a a-n[a ib-AK-en-na ib-AK-en-nanu-u-zu nu-u-zu a-na a-na ba-ni-ib-gi ba-ni-ib-gi4-gi4] 4-gi 4] -[ki4 dumu-ni dasal-Iu-hi mu-na-ni-ib-gi dden-[ki-ke4 4-gi 4] ke dumu-ni dasal-lu-hi mu-na-ni-ib-giq-gi4] en dumu-m[u dumu-m[u a-na a-na nu-e-zu nu-e-zu a-na a-na a-ra-ab-dah-e-en] a-ra-ab-dah-e-en] Gap of of 33 lines lines (see (see Commentary) Commentary) Gap 783 783 784 784 785 785 B '!

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