Herbal Magick by Gerina Dunwich

By Gerina Dunwich

This e-book offers you every little thing you want to find out about the Pagan lore of vegetation and the way to perform robust magick using roots, vegetation, leaves, and bark. It finds the well-guarded secrets and techniques of natural enchantments from centuries prior, touches on a number of the exciting folkloric ideals attached to herbs, and gives a delightful supporting of east-to-follow spells for lots of reasons.

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Herbal Magick

This booklet offers you every little thing you must find out about the Pagan lore of crops and the way to perform robust magick using roots, plants, leaves, and bark. It unearths the well-guarded secrets and techniques of natural enchantments from centuries prior, touches on a number of the exciting folkloric ideals hooked up to herbs, and gives a pleasing aiding of east-to-follow spells for plenty of reasons.

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Diviners have employed herbs since ancient times. However, not all herbal divinations center on romance and matrimony. Meadowsweet gathered on Midsummer, for example, was used long ago to determine the gender of a thief. It was believed that if the plant sank when placed on water, the thief was male. If it floated, this indicated a female. Pagan Herb Lore 33 at of thee Wort r Moon Esbat An Esbat is a monthly Witches’ gathering or coven meeting that takes place 13 times a year when the moon is full.

To make mullein tea, gently bruise one mullein leaf, pick into small pieces, and drop into one cup of cold water. Bring to a boil, and then allow it to cool before drinking. Use a strainer to remove the leaf pieces as the tea is poured into a cup.

Some people believe that Molukka beans guard against death in childbirth and drowning. ort Moonwort In the Middle Ages, it was popularly believed among the peasantry of Europe that the fern known as moonwort possessed the power to open or break locks, loosen iron nails, and unshoe horses that tread upon it. An even more curious superstition surrounding the moonwort holds that woodpeckers can acquire the strength to pierce iron if they rub their beaks upon a leaf of this plant. How this bizarre belief entered into the annals of herblore is a mystery.

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