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Multiple reactors or multiple zones within a reactor), each with its own temperature, adapted to the reaction mixture composition. 2 Heterogeneous Catalytic Reactions Heterogeneous catalyticreactions are reactions that take place on the surface of a solid catalyst. g. with components in the gas phase or other adsorbed species); desorption of the products. The reaction itself can be monomolecular or bimolecular. Both situations are discussed below. The measure of the concentrations of these species is the degree of occupation of the surface, 8, and 8,, respectively.

Culated by the rate equation fitted to the data. The data are taken from the determination of rate equations for the hydrogenation of acetylene and ethylene in mixtures of these two components [4]. They presented three correlation equations, which fitted the measured data almost equally well. The parity plots are given for two of their equation sets. 8 plots are given of the relative residuals of two correlation equations, which were discarded. We observe that the residuals start to deviate of the average systematically for higher acetylene and ethylene conversions.

We further assume a pseudosteady state for the degrees of occupation of the catalytically active surface area, so that 8, and 0, do not change in time, so dOA/dt= d8,Jdt = 0. 10. The above expression is referred to as Langmuir-Hinshelwoodkinetics. For K,, where (-AH,) is the adsorption enthalpy of A on the active catalyst surface. Since the adsorption of a given component is an exothermic process, the term -Md3 is positive. e. 4. 4 Arrhenius curve for monomolecular LangmuirHinshelwood kinetics.

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