Mastering Revit Structure 2009 by Thomas Weir, Eric Wing, Jamie D. Richardson, David J.

By Thomas Weir, Eric Wing, Jamie D. Richardson, David J. Harrington

The contents of the e-book are stable and it ia a great start line to get accostumed to the Revit constitution surroundings. I want the dimensions of the letters have been a piece greater and that the ebook had a better half CD or web site to entry a few easy pattern documents to accomplish tutorials and excercise different suggestions of the software program. generally it's a stable reference and good documented. i admire it.

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Mastering Revit Structure 2009

The contents of the booklet are reliable and it ia an outstanding start line to get accostumed to the Revit constitution atmosphere. I want the dimensions of the letters have been a piece larger and that the publication had a better half CD or web site to entry a few simple pattern documents to accomplish tutorials and excercise the various thoughts of the software program.

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The task-oriented layout and grouping of like commands makes project management and modeling within Revit Structure logical and efficient. The compact footprint of the GUI is due in large part to the lack of excessive toolbars and dialog boxes, which tend to clutter other platforms. This allows a large area in which to work and view the model. The location and size of most GUI components are reset to their defaults when you restart Revit Structure, making the interface somewhat rigid with regard to user customization.

When dealing with plan views, you will typically have at least three views for each level. Using the second level of the model as an example, you can create the following views: S-FP02, S-FP02Analytical, and S-FP02-Working. The S-FP02 view would be placed on a sheet view and will ultimately be plotted as part of the construction documents. The graphical displays of the datum and model elements in this view are always set as they are intended to plot. Only construction document view–specific elements are added to this view.

These basic modeling constraints then become anchors for objects so that if you need to change a bay width or the story-to-story height of a level those elements will also move correspondingly. For example: beam elements placed in a third floor plan view are associated with that datum. Changing the elevation of the level will take the beams along for the ride as they are defined as belonging to that level. This makes floorto-floor clear height adjustments quick and accurate. Datum elements are an essential part of a constraint-based modeling system and are fundamental to how you will assemble and edit the design.

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