Milestones by Sayed Qutb

By Sayed Qutb

The writer speaks in regards to the distinctive Quranic iteration, the character of the Quranic technique, the features of Islamic society, jihad within the explanation for God, and a Muslim s nationality and his trust between different issues.

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When, after hard work, belief became firm and the authority to which this belief refers was acknowledged, when people recognized their Sustainer and worshipped Him alone, when they became independent not only of other human beings but also of their own desires, and when "la ilaha illa allah" became imprinted on their hearts-then God, through this faith and through the Believers, provided everything which was needed. God's earth became free of 'Romans and Persians,' not so that the authority of 'Arabs' might prevail, but only so that God's authority might be established and that the earth might be cleared of all the rebels against Him, whether they were Roman, Persian or Arab.

Perhaps something has been mixed with that clear spring. We should look at the manner in which they received their training. Perhaps some changes have found their way into it. The spring from which the Companions of the Prophet - peace be on him-drank was the Qur'an; only the Qur'an as the Hadith of the Prophet and his teachings were offspring of this fountainhead. When someone asked the Mother of the Faithful, Aisha--may God be pleased with her--about the character of the Prophet-peace be on him,-she answered, "His character was the Qur'an" [al-Nisa’] The Holy Qur'an was the only source from which they quenched their thirst, and this was the only mold in which they formed their lives.

It did not come to be a book of intellectual content, or a book of literature, or to be considered as a book of stories or history, although it has all these facets. It came to become a way of life, a way dedicated to God. " (17:106) The Qur'an did not come down all at once; rather it came down according to the needs of the Islamic society in facing new problems, according to the growth of ideas and concepts, according to the progress of general social life, and according to new challenges faced by the Muslim community in its practical life.

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