Nuts: A Global History by Ken Albala

By Ken Albala

From almonds and pecans to pistachios, cashews, and macadamias, nuts are as uncomplicated as foodstuff gets—just pop them out of the shell and into your mouth. the unique well-being nutrients, the vitamin-packed nut is now used industrially, in confectionary, and in all types of cooking. the 1st e-book to inform the total tale of ways nuts got here to be in virtually everything, Nuts takes readers on a gastronomic, botanical, and cultural travel of the world.
monitoring those culmination and seeds via cultivation, harvesting, processing, and consumption—or non-consumption, with regards to people with nut allergies—award-winning foodstuff author Ken Albala offers a desirable account on how they've been cooked, ready, and exploited. He finds the social and cultural which means of nuts in the course of a variety of sessions in heritage, whereas additionally immersing us of their sleek makes use of. Packing delicious recipes, superb proof, and interesting nuggets inside of its hardcover shell, this exciting and informative booklet will pride enthusiasts of almonds, hazelnuts, chestnuts, and more.

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One of the best drinks ever invented is the ‘No Problem’ cocktail of Jamaica, which contains coconut, pineapple, lime and rum. Nuts sold in a shop in Rishikesh, India. S. state of New Jersey, for example, the custom is to rub coconut oil on human bodies before frying them in the sun). Even more oddly, chunks of coconut are sold on the streets in Paris, France, kept moist by a fine mist of continuously sprayed water. The weirdest thing about coconuts is their origin. They are commonly thought to originate in the Indian Ocean, but ancient fossils of close relatives are found in South America.

In habitual users the teeth become completely red. Areca nuts grow on a kind of palm tree. The betel quid has its aficionados as well as its detractors. It is usually chewed after dinner, by both men and women, throughout India, Cambodia, Thailand, Laos and Vietnam, all the way to the Philippines and Indonesia, and through the South Pacific. The word areca comes from the Malay word adakka, and the nut is native to Malaysia as well. In Vietnam betal quids are used in wedding ceremonies because just as the areca nut and betel leaf are considered to be inseparable, so too should the husband and wife be.

Jacks are little spikes which you swoop up in between bounces of a rubber ball. Originally these were sharp and scattered on fields to impede charging horses in battle. There are even modern versions that puncture car tyres. In any case, the fruit sometimes looks exactly like a spiked jack, especially in European species. Elsewhere it looks more like a monster with horns, which explains why the nuts are also called devil pods. In China they are called buffalo head fruit, and some do look exactly like that.

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