Optical Processes in Semiconductors by Jacques I. Pankove

By Jacques I. Pankove

This finished textbook and reference covers all phenomena regarding gentle in semiconductors, emphasizing sleek functions in semiconductor lasers, electroluminescence, photodetectors, photoconductors, photoemitters, polarization results, absorption spectroscopy, radiative transfers and reflectance modulatons. With quite a few difficulties. 339 illustrations.

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It has already been considered in [11] by the ray approach. In this text, we will implement a more rigorous analysis, based on Maxwell’s equations. 1. It consists of a high-index dielectric layer with thickness h surrounded on either side by materials with Silicon Photonics: The State of the Art Edited by Graham T. Reed © 2008 John Wiley & Sons, Ltd. 1 Planar waveguide lower refractive index. In other words, the refractive index of the film n f is higher than the refractive index corresponding to the substrate ns and the upper cladding n c .

Wong, ‘Recent advances in CMOS compatible integrated photonics’, invited paper 6125-02, SPIE Proceedings 6125, San Jose, CA, 2006. OTE/SPH OTE/SPH JWBK112-01 JWBK112-Reed 14 March 17, 2008 19:48 Char Count= 0 Silicon Photonics [23] M. J. Grove, ‘Recent advances in CMOS-compatible integrated photonics’, Government Microcircuit Applications and Critical Technologies Conference, San Diego, CA, 2006. [24] J. J. Watkins and D. J. Bishop, ‘Fabrication of sub-45-nm structures for the next generation of devices: a lot of effort for a little device,’ MRS Bulletin Magazine, 30, 2006, 937.

17) where ux is unity vector parallel with x-axis. 20) is a second-order differential equation, and to solve it, additional conditions must be imposed. Therefore, we apply the boundary conditions at the interfaces, which leads to the continuity of Hx and (1/n2 )dHx /dy at the boundary. 25) where γc , γs and kf are positive real numbers. 28) where A, B, C and D are coefficients which can be determined from the boundary conditions. 31) The last boundary condition relation between the first derivatives of Hx (y) at y = −h gives the transcendental equation, from which we can find the propagation constant β.

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