Oriental Humour by Reginald Horace Blyth

By Reginald Horace Blyth

Vintage and accomplished English-language paintings on jap, chinese language & Korean humor from all classes (India isn't incorporated, even if the advent describes India because the leader starting place of worldwide humour.) one of the issues are chinese language classics and poetry, ghost tales, Liehtse, proverbs, Taoism, Zen, brief tales, Korean humor and proverbs, chinese language impression on Japan, jap cartoon, previous and smooth Senryu, Yanagidaru, and extra. Illustrated with a colour frontispiece, 26 quite remarkable inserted plates (7 in color).

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But even he was moved by the crimes and disasters that must go with any age of glory. When we read the latter part of his 1IDG~m, (the title is taken from the first three words of a similar poem of Han times, "Fighting South of the Ramparts") we reel we are looking at Goya's Chinese Poetry 33 Desastros della Guerra or Rousseau's La Guerre. }Wt ~t TiE. p~ :¢S I']J\ A. iHli. nx: ,(g % 1:,% rPJ 7~ ,~. 1'i'i 11l: 1:. fff6 1M t'<:. On the field of slaughter, men grapple and die, Wounded horses scream their aguny to heaven.

An account of the journey of Hsuantsang, $*, to India between 629 and 645 A. D. The former book has been called the Chinese Pilgrim's Progress because of its supernatural elements, persons with symbolical names, and events of allegorical significance. Sun \Vukung, -JJ\; 'Ii ~, is a kind of monkey-man, born from a stone; he represents the boastful, disturbing, and self-deceiving elements in man. He was able to turn a somersault for eighteen thousand li, but Buddha told him he could not even jump out of his hand.

The reason for this lack of humour, or rather :it concomitant of it, is Hsuntse's emphasis upon the ceremonialism of Confucius, and his concept of the authority of orthodoxy. The inner light, extreme doctrines, all the Chinese philosophers except Confucius, are heretical, one-sided and wrong. This may be so, or not; but humour loves this unbalance and con­ flict. It is its very life. Hsuntse says; i:iX~l1tt. :ti. ~ ~ ful(. ill w ~ #j£. ~ j~ ~ jjfi. ~~JIt(. QlJ Ml;;f,'jJl1ii. ifft. ili: ~ #j£. ~ /f~ t1;,i~ JIt(.

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