Pesticides and Groundwater Quality : Issues and Problems in by Patrick W Holden; National Research Council (U.S.). Board on

By Patrick W Holden; National Research Council (U.S.). Board on Agriculture

Pesticides in groundwater can contaminate ingesting water and threaten the healthiness of groups. How does this illness take place and what might be performed approximately this urgent challenge? This new booklet makes use of a case-study method of describe the invention of the matter in 4 significant agricultural states, to summarize the newest info at the challenge, and to check the prestige of the matter from either technological and coverage views. It additionally addresses the debatable questions of what degrees of residues are appropriate, who may still undergo the prices of consuming water that's already infected, and the way federal medical assets can top be used to assist country projects in addressing this challenge.

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And Wei Z. zhong, 1984, ''Hydrolysis of aldicarb, aldicarb sulfoxide, and aldicarb sulfone at ppb levels in aqueous media,'' J. Agric. Food Chem. 34 (4):714-719. 7 Aldicarb Sulfone, 15°C (well water) 2,431 243 420 77 Aldicarb Sulfone, 25°C About this PDF file: This new digital representation of the original work has been recomposed from XML files created from the original paper book, not from the original typesetting files. Page breaks are true to the original; line lengths, word breaks, heading styles, and other typesetting-specific formatting, however, cannot be retained, and some typographic errors may have been accidentally inserted.

Groundwater contamination by aldicarb Aldicarb has been the focus of groundwater investigations in Wisconsin and Florida (discussed in Chapters 3 and 4, respectively) as well as in New York. However, nowhere has the groundwater contamination caused by aldicarb been more extensive and better documented than on Long Island. Between August 1979 and mid-March 1980, approximately 270 wells were sampled on eastern Long Island; of those sampled 45 were public, 214 were domestic, and 11 were irrigation wells.

With regard to agricultural chemicals, the regional WQCBs appear willing to work with growers to develop strategies to mitigate groundwater problems. However, while best management practices can be developed and recommended to growers, the WQCBs have no policing or enforcement mechanism. Management practices that could mitigate potential problems may not be followed by growers; in fact, it is suspected that label recommendations on application rates for pesticides are ignored by some growers. Nevertheless, the actions of rice growers in the Sacramento area— described under the subsection Best Management Practice for Pesticide Use— indicate that a combination of effective techniques and perceived need can lead to the adoption of management solutions.

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