Progress in Industrial Mathematics at ECMI 94 by Hans Josef Pesch (auth.), Helmut Neunzert (eds.)

By Hans Josef Pesch (auth.), Helmut Neunzert (eds.)

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The dynamic pressure constraint is active for about 535 s on a boundary arc. 1 km. 5 0 at tr == 1719 s. 1 Kourou trajectory mo mstructure,I mruel,I mstructure,II mruel,II mpayload no dynamic pressure limit (s) (n) 310000 [kg] 310000 [kg] 160 617 [kg] 160628 [kg] 45 391 [kg] 45425 [kg] 21 927 [kg] 21 921 [kg] 76 120 [kg] 76 091 [kg] 5 946 [kg] 5 936 [kg] = 55 [kPa] (n) [kg] 310000 [kg] 160624 [kg] 45414 [kg] 21 940 [kg] 76 185 [kg] 5 837 qmax (s) 310000 160 614 45 380 21 946 76 214 5846 [kg] [kg] [kg] [kg] [kg] [kg] Tab.

1986. : Piloted simulation of an onboard trajectory optimisation algorithm. J. of Guidance, Control, and Dynamics 7(3):355 - 360, May - June 1984. : General adaptive guidance using nonlinear programming constraint solving methods (FAST). AIAA-paper No. 91-2820, AIAAGuidance, Navigation, and Control Conference, New Orleans, Lousiana, August 12-14, 1991. : Guidance requirements for future launch vehicles. AIAA-paper No. 87-2462, AIAA-Guidance, Navigation, and Control Conference, 1987. : Application of sparse nonlinear programming and efficient collocation to optimal guidance.

Real-time optimisation must work without human interaction and generate appropriate starting values by itself. 4). 11) where v(t) is the part which is subject to parametrisation. Formally, one arrives at the new dynamic system :i; = j(x,v) = l(x, U(x) + v). 4). 5 Example: Aircraft Guidance A high performance aircraft is to be guided on the intercept of a uniformly moving target. 4) requires a specified final distance. The state vector x consists of the position and the velocity vector. The magnitude and direction of the lift vector and the magnitude of the thrust are the components of u.

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