Semiconductor Devices by Noel M. Morris (auth.)

By Noel M. Morris (auth.)

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Consequently CdS cells are frequently used in situations where humans can also judge illumination levels, for example, in street lighting schemes, camera exposure settings, etc. Photoconductive devices with frequency spectra in the infrared region, that is, CdSe and CdTe can be used where this feature is advantageous, for example in boiler flame-failure systems, in burglar alarms and in aircraft and missile tracking systems. la). 1 b. d. across the ideal diode is zero for all values of current, and the diode is said either to be in its forward biased mode or in its forward conducting mode.

12 ~ (a) -E 82 Q) \ Vee 10 !

Is the mobility of the charge carrier. The force on the electron due to the electric charge at electrode A is eEH, and is in a direction away from electrode A. l of the charge carriers. V in metals. 1, be used in sensitive magnetic field meters or magnetometers, the flux density being given by In this application, a high value of Hall voltage is obtained by using a semiconductor with a high mobility. 2) is often the first choice for this application. 1 Yet another application is in the field of analog computing.

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