Solar Cell and Renewable Energy Experiments (Cool Science by Ed Sobey

By Ed Sobey

Provide renewable strength a test! sun, wind, and hydropower can be utilized to offset using fossil fuels. The tasks during this booklet train younger readers approximately sun cells, electrical energy, and effort. scan with basic methods of utilizing renewable strength to energy assorted units. Many experiments comprise principles you should use in your personal technology reasonable tasks.

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Lay 4 ceramic magnets out on the cardboard, starting with the line you just drew, so that you can determine how long one side of the box should be. Lay a magnet flat on the cardboard and rotate the magnet around its center. Move the magnet closer to or farther away from the line you drew to give the magnet enough clearance to rotate. 46 Using Electricity FIGURE 9 This generator was made out of a wooden tea box. The crank spins the magnets inside, and that generates electricity in the wire windings.

With the voltmeter dial turned to the 20-volt setting, touch the red lead to the positive terminal of the battery. Touch the black lead to the negative terminal. Record this value. Is it different from the measurement you made in the previous experiment when the battery was not in a circuit? Things you will need • DC motor • 9-volt battery • voltmeter or multimeter • 2 alligator clip leads • experiment notebook 29 Solar Cell and Renewable Energy Experiments Idea for a Science Fair Project n measure the drop Using a voltmeter, you ca it powers a DC motor.

5. Stack the four magnets together so that you can estimate how wide the box should be. Leave some extra room, as the magnets will slide around on the nail that will be the axle. Also, the axle will take up some additional room, but not much. When you have estimated the width of the end of the box, mark it with a vertical line. 47 Solar Cell and Renewable Energy Experiments 6. Now mark the other side of the box. For this side, you can just measure the length of the first side and use that measurement for the second side.

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