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Define+UvM NO DPI Disables the DPI HDL backdoor access, DPI regular expression processing, and the DPI command line regular expression parser. Enabled by default. +define+UVM NUM LINES Sets the number of lines for strings. Default is 120. +dEfiNE+UVM PACKER MAX BYTES Sets the maximum bytes to allocate for packing objects using uvm packer Default is 4096. 44 Copyrighl @2013 by Doulos Ltd. All rtlhtsreswed. Gompilation Directives +define+UvM REGEX NO DPI Disables using the DPI regular expression parser for command line options.

Sets a string-valued corf¡guration item. Sets a configuration item as a urrm*object (or nulf ). By default, the object is cloned. Gets an i ntegral-valued corTfiguration item. Updates member and returfìs I ' b1 if field name fourd. Gets a string-valued corf iguration item. Updates member and returns I 'b1 ¡f field name found. 51 uvm_component virtual function bit get_config_object ( string field_name, inout uvm_object value, input bit clone = 1); function void check_config_usage bit recurse = virtual ( 1) function void apply_conf ig_settings ( bit verbose : 0); function void prin t_conf ig_settin gs ( stríng fiefd:"", uvm_component comp : nu1l, bit recurse = 0); function void print_config ( bit recurse : 0, bit audit : 0) ; function void print_conf ig_r^rith_audi t bit recurse = 0) t Gets a configuration item as a uvm_object (ornull).

Alrþhts resæ€d. uvm_conf¡g_db a ln the methods , inst_name is an explicit instance name relative to cntxt and may be an empty string if the cnfxf is the instance that the configuration object applies lo. field_name is the specific field in the scope that is being searched for. a When setting values, both ¡nst_name and fìeld_name may be glob-style search strings or regular expressions. regular expressions are enclosed in a pa¡r of slashes. *driver/" , 50); "iterations", Retrieve the resource's value.

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