Worked Examples in Basic Electronics by P. W. Crane, N. Hiller

By P. W. Crane, N. Hiller

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T. supply due to V1 and V2 conducting alternately. This waveform is obtained by adding waveforms b and c. ) can be shown by a Fourier Analysis of this waveform to be 2Ϊ/π amperes. MAXIMUM THEORETICAL EFFICIENCY OF A CLASS B PUSH-PULL AMPLIFIER The steady anode voltage of each valve is F H T # volts and 7d c = 2//TT amperes. T. /xF„. T . c. T. 64) gives V= -4{l~lt)Xm% (L66) Hence, efficiency has a maximum theoretical value, when VnJVHmTm = 0, of 78-5%. Summary 1. The use of class B bias means that there is a reduction in the mean supply current since little valve current flows in the absence of an input signal.

Maximum Power Output of a Transformer-coupled Class A Power Amplifier BASIC CIRCUIT. See Fig. 29. CONSTANT VOLTAGE EQUIVALENT CIRCUIT FIG. 31 Assume 1. T. and bias supplies. 2. 12. 3. R'L can be varied to obtain maximum power in the load. To Show that Maximum Power is Transferred to the Load when ra = R'L From Fig. 31, a _ -|"Vin ra + R'L- Power output P0 is given by = μ2Υι Κ « \. 29) 36 WORKED EXAMPLES IN BASIC ELECTRONICS Maximum power is transferred to R'L, when dPJdR'L = 0. Hence, dPo = (r a +*£)VV in 2 -^VAx2(r a +^) = 0.

40) 40 WORKED EXAMPLES IN BASIC ELECTRONICS 3. -^l)2 Λc · (141) V1·^1/ Summary 1. The results are valid for a small power triode. 2. Maximum power output within the distortion limits is produced when R'L = 2ra = T\RL\T\. 3. 40). This equation also gives the value of steady grid bias VB. 4. 41) shows that ra should be small to increase power output within the distortion limits. 5. The theoretical anode efficiency when R'L = 2ra, is 25%. 15. Amplitude Distortion in a Triode The dynamic mutual characteristic of a triode is not a straight line.

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